I’ve been experimenting a bit lately and stepping back to some of the basics of painting - like light, color, form and texture all within an abstract sort of a genre. Still retaining an organic feel of a landscape, I’m finding a freedom in not being too specific. The different tools like scrapers and brayers as well as different mediums like oils and cold wax, acrylics and glazes all contribute to quite a unique look. I have always been more of a “happy accident” painter but this process has no image in mind as my landscapes usually do - therefore the outcome is rather unpredictable. These pieces truly are “experiments” so I’m pretty excited to see where they might lead.

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Deep Greens and Blues

30” x 30”, 2017

Juried into the “First Strike” Friday Night Live Auction of the C.M. Russell Museum, 6 p.m. March 16, 2018